5 signs which makes your CV pass you off for a dinosaur

5 signs which makes your CV pass you off for a dinosaur

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Does your CV holler “old”? When we move forward with our career, we have the habit of taking things for granted and indulging in less and less soul-searching. But if you’re looking for a new company to carry out your Office Manager talents, you’re surely going to face fierce competition, due to the newcomers on the market. Therefore, it is essential to modernize your CV, so as to fight against possible discrimination, related to age. Does your CV really represent the person you are, not to mention the freshness and modernity you can provide the company with? Or on the contrary, does it make you pass off for an oldie, out of phase with the current market expectations. To find this out, here are 5 signs which show that your CV is making you pass off for a dinosaur. 

Your CV is as long as a novel

You have many experiences. Right from your internship during 9th grade in your aunt’s company, where you sorted invoices for 2 weeks, until your Office manager position, in a prestigious start-up vegan food delivery company, not to mention tens of companies where you worked as the Executive Assistant, Office Manager or even Events Manager, so you feel compelled to talk about everything! Eventually, your CV is made up of several pages, it must show the solidity of your career. But you should know that if your CV is more than 2 pages (and even 2 pages is already too much), it’s a sign that you’re completely out of sync with the current best practices in this area. 10 seconds. This is the average time a recruiter devotes to a CV. If the latter is as long as a novel, don’t expect the recruiter to have the time to read all of it. Learn to sort through and only put the experiences which will showcase what you can contribute within the company you’re applying. The important points need to be highlighted. 

You use AOL

AOL and the others, these email addresses belong to another era. Did you mention such addresses on your CV? Of course, there is some nostalgia, it’s always a pleasure but for god’s sake, keep this email for your friends and family (and to receive dubious PowerPoint jokes from your embarrassing uncle). Meanwhile, create an address on a more modern messaging account, like Gmail . You’ll seem more modern to recruiters. Avoid giving this new address to your embarrassing uncle, by the way. 

The telephone number on your CV is a landline number

It is recommended to only give one telephone number on a CV. In this case, opt to mention your mobile number and not your landline. In any case, who still uses a landline? This means, you must be at home for a recruiter to get in touch with you? You go home in the evening and realize that you can call your recruiter back only the following day? Perhaps another candidate (who indicated his mobile number) would have already taken your spot. In short, indicating a landline number on your CV, is a sure shot way of passing off for a dinosaur, with recruiters. 

You don’t indicate your Linkedin profile

On your CV, you made the mistake of not giving your Linkedin profile. Is this an oversight or that you simply don’t have a Linkedin account (are you living in 1997?). On a Linkedin profile, you can give much more information than you can on a CV (this can be useful, if you initially had a CV as long as a novel, like mentioned before). Not to mention that Linkedin is a formidable weapon, while looking for a new job. No excuses about not getting started and mentioning this on your CV. 

You’ve mentioned your date of birth, right underneath your photo

Alright, you’re not all that young anymore. But is it really necessary to highlight this, through your date of birth, mentioned right underneath your photo on your CV? Certainly not. By doing so, you’re clearly shooting yourself right in the foot. Nowadays, it is no longer required to mention one’s date of birth on a CV, nothing is forcing you to expose yourself to an age discrimination, for no reason.


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