How to motivate your lazy collaborators

How to motivate your lazy collaborators

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It’s 3 :20 pm this Tuesday. The atmosphere is gloomy at the end of autumn: days are getting shorter; temperature is getting colder…plus your best colleague has decided to resign. Summer is far behind and your collaborator couldn’t be less motivated. Your boss, the discerning being, noticed this and he comes to your office and talks about this subject. He asks you to make your suggestions, to revive the motivation of the troops (who said that all Office Managers weren’t Happiness Managers?). You feel a little helpless confronted with this request, as you too, your motivation isn’t really great. Though, one will need to do some brainstorming and come up with someone. One adores you, so we are going to give you a few leads, to offload your boss and get some peace. 

Define the goals of your collaborators correctly 

« Obtain more clients ». If this is the goal of your commercials, no doubts that they won’t head much further. Be precise and concrete while defining the goals of your collaborators, if you want them to really be devoted in their work. For this, use the SMART method. A good aim needs to be in keeping with the following criteria: 

S like Specific : a goal should never be vague; it needs to be clear and precise. 

M like Measurable : if it’s not measurable, how would one know if it has been achieved? Choose a unit of measure and only one threshold to cross, to achieve the goal. A non-measurable goal is of no use. 

A like Ambitious/Accepted : the goal needs to be challenging: what’s the point of defining a goal, which will be achieved without any efforts? However, you need to involve your teams while defining the goals: it should be subject to a consensus and accepted by all.

R like Realistic : if the goal isn’t achievable, why bother getting tired as it’ll be a failure in any case? It’s about finding the right balance between challenge and realism. 

T like defined in Time : set a clear deadline. It’s often necessary to be pressured with time, to get moving, otherwise many other things will be more pressing. Divide your goals in sub goals along with a cut-off date. 

Interview your collaborators

It can be very interesting to interview your collaborators, which you can post on your company’s blog. These interviews can be in the form of articles or videos. This way, you’ll take an interest in your collaborators and position them as experts in their sector. Gain confidence and motivation for sure. They’ll be able to proudly show these interviews to their parents, who’ll think that their beloved has turned into the new Mark Zuckerberg. 

Beyond just motivating your collaborators, these interviews help working on your brand image, outside as well: you add a human side to your company, by showcasing your collaborators. 


You often hear your collaborators say, “I love it when my boss is constantly behind my back and monitoring the aspect of my work”. No? Neither do we. 

Autonomy is definitely the great factor for motivation: show your teams that you trust them. It doesn’t matter if they make mistakes, after all they are humans. Give them some flexibility and let them do their work, as they please. What is important is the result, but not the way it is achieved. You’ll be surprised by the consequences, in terms of motivation, even so much as giving just little autonomy to collaborators. 


Hvala? It means thank you in Croatian. Now you know! All this to say that a thank you goes a long way. It’s the simplest way of expressing one’s gratitude. The gratitude that you lack, you Office Manager (this is what we were able to see in our Office Manager Superstar report, the report on Office Manager in 2018), but you’re not the only one. Learn to say thank you as soon as you get the chance: properly done work, a successful presentation, a signed contract, a solved issue…The good news is that it doesn’t cost anything. Many managers overlook this politeness, strive to highlight this for every success you come across but mostly, don’t assign this unfairly.

More informations here 50 unique ways of rewarding your collaborators and making them happy


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