Marine’s profile, Happiness Manager at Uavia !

Marine’s profile, Happiness Manager at Uavia !

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Today, we’ll be meeting with Marine, Happiness Manager at Uavia, a company which connects drones and makes them 100% autonomous! 

Hello Marine, where do you work?

I am the Happiness Manager at Uavia. Uavia connects drones and makes them 100% autonomous. The Uavia platform helps several users to benefit from artificial intelligence and take control of a fleet of intelligent drones, not to mention, capture and process data for several high value-added uses.

When and why did you decide to become a Happiness Manager?

In 2016, I worked at a coworking space and I was lucky to discover the ecosystem of startups, thus the position of Office & Happiness Manager. I myself had four CHO's during my stay. At the beginning of these, I decided to give it a go and take up the position.

How would you explain the job of a Happiness Manager to your grandmother?

I would give her the image of a meeting point. Often in case of a problem, we all have a meeting point in our office, where we gather. So, I would tell her that I am the daily meeting point. Whether this concerns a relational disagreement, a dysfunction of the premises, a financial challenge or any other problem, I am the “go to” person, to find a solution or make the situation move forward. 

How do you know that you’ve made your collaborators happy?  

Haha, a very good question! I often feel that the job title puts us at a disadvantage, as in the end, we aren’t responsible for the happiness of the employees  at all. Though, I think we can contribute to it. Lack of listening or value-creation, just like the absence of balance between professional and personal life, can be topics on which the Happiness Manager can take actions. I think what we mean by « happiness », isn’t about foosball or yoga lessons but more about benevolence and helping the talents of the company, to progress and meet their expectations but also making it so that they feel satisfied while carrying out their tasks but also within the team they work. As for the notion happiness success, I think nowadays it isn’t easy to measure this and it’s mostly the feedbacks of employees, which leads me towards the efforts that need to be made and actions to maintain. 

What is the thing you established and are really proud of?  

All the organized in-house events which allow us to rediscover the people we rub shoulders with 5 days out of 7, through  another angle. It’s often a very pleasant surprise! 

What is the most difficult aspect when you are the Happiness Manager?

Beginning the day with water damage along with a balance sheet which needs to be finalized, a monthly drink which needs to be planned for the same evening! An anecdote for sure, but I think it sums up the complexity of situations one comes across at times, very well.  

Do you think there should be Happiness Managers at the disposal of a Happiness Manager?

I don’t think this is necessary. I believe that the CEO often has a part to play with the Happiness Manager. He/she keeps an eye on his Happiness Manager, in fact it’s important for the duo the function well! 

The essential tool for an Happiness Manager?

Post its! I am a little old school, but I jot down everything one asks me to do and gradually scratch them off, once the job has been completed. Goal: not to forget anything and handle as many things as possible, before the end of the day! 

The coolest thing for a Happiness Manager?

Interpersonal skills and exchange!

What is your greatest challenge as a Happiness Manager?

The biggest challenge for me is to accompany collaborators during personal situations (death, burn out...) and find solutions so that they’re able to face their daily lives at work, as well as the difficult moments they come across on a personal level. 

What would be your advice to someone who wants to begin a career in Happiness Management?

I would tell this person to cultivate their curiosity all the time! It’s by being curious about others and on subjects which are given to us, that we are able to feel satisfied in this position. 

A little note to end?

In the end, a Happiness Manager is a combination between Mac Gyver, Marry Poppins & Michelle Obama!


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