Not expensive and easy maintenance plants for the office

Not expensive and easy maintenance plants for the office

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A few plants and your dull offices get a pleasant look at once. So why deprive oneself from this? In addition to the decorative aspect, plants reduce stress and offer purer air. Apparently, they are also known to stimulate activity…

Office plants don’t really need a lot of care, if they’re properly chosen. Here are the best plants which will make your offices greener, without needing 2 hours of maintenance, per day. 

The best way to reduce stress: the spider plant

spider plant

Don’t get fooled by its rather scary name, the spider plant is ideal to reduce stress and improve air quality. Spider plants don’t cost much and can be placed in the sun and shade. They can survive rather long or short periods of negligence but to be in great shape, they need to be watered once every two days. 

How much does it cost? Around 5 to 10€ per plant

The one who likes the sun: Aloe Vera

aloe vera

Did you know that Aloe Vera’s sap helps bring relief to the skin, if it’s sunburnt? Well, this isn’t the aim here, but this plant has enough to charm you. Visually speaking, it’s rather pleasant. However, this plant needs a lot of sun: forget about the idea, if you work in the basement of a building. In terms of watering, it needs a dry ground, ideal for the lazy bum inside you. It makes do with 1 watering every week or 2. 

How much does it cost? From 4 to 15€ per plant, depending on the size

For an exotic look: bamboo palm

bamboo palm

Some indirect light and the bamboo palm is happy. Therefore, it is great for large offices with big windows and light, which doesn’t take over the entire space. If you put it in full light, you can expect it to grow at a rapid-fire speed and shoot right through your office roof. According to some Japanese beliefs, the bamboo palm will keep ill-willed people away. Perhaps with this plant, your boss will stop coming unexpectedly to your offices, every 10 minutes. 

How much does it cost? From 5 to 90€, it depends on the size (once again don’t forget that it can grow very quickly)

The survivor: Cactus


Cactus is a plant who has grown to survive, among the most difficult weather conditions, on the planet. If it can survive in the desert, it can survive in your offices. Just be careful and don’t put it too much in the shade. Water it once every week, during spring and summer and once every 3 weeks during autumn and winter. 

Cactus exists under several shapes and sizes, from the smallest which will be good for your offices and could be used as a missile, in case you have a clash with a colleague, to the biggest size which requires a big pot and some space. And if you’re scared about the cactus thorns, think of the tasty plants which have the same features too. 

How much does it cost? Wow, tough to give a number, the price range is quite big. But let’s say between 5€ and 150€ for the big ones.

When one has the room: Ficus


Ficus is like the star of plants for offices. It likes the light of filtered sun, doesn’t like being in the sun much. Water it once or twice a week. There are 800 types of ficuses, you should find one which should match the weird wallpaper of your office. 

How much does it cost? From 15€ to 100€ per plant

For a cool look: air plants

A little string and you’re ready to fix these plants on your walls. The effect is always very pleasant, especially if you choose fun pots. These aren’t meant to be watered, but these plants should be soaked in water, once a week and make sure you don’t flood your top-notch laptop, while you’re at it. 

How much does it cost? Around 5€ per plant, keeping in mind that often one buys them in bulk.

For a British look: English ivy

english ivy

At the beginning, the English ivy needs quite a lot of water, then less and less. Perfect for your colleagues, who are delighted to have a new plant at the beginning, and then completely forget about it. They like shady spots and don’t have a problem with cold places, so no issues during summer when you put the AC at full blast, in all the offices. 

How much does it cost? From 10€ to 15€

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