Stop doing boring teambuilding

Stop doing boring teambuilding

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Afterworks, annual theme parties, karaoke sessions, these types of teambuilding activities are getting kind of rusty. Plus, you sometimes unwillingly create cringe worthy moments that you and your employees would rather avoid.

Yes, teambuilding is a tricky yet fundamental way to contribute to your company’s welfare.

You obviously would like everybody to feel comfortable and to enjoy themselves as much as possible during these events solely organised for this purpose !

Here are a few tips on how to stop doing boring teambuildings :


Include your employees in the designing process of the event ! No matter how close you are, you can make a step towards them by letting them choose what really hypes them up ! 
! Why not send them an e-vite with 3 different teambuilding activities to choose from ? 
This will not only make them look forward to this special occasion, but also make them feel valued and appreciated. Everyone will bond more if the activity reflects their interests and personalities !

The best teambuilding activity results are observed through games : escape games and scavenger hunts are a great way to make everyone participate at their own pace. Everybody has something to offer and feels better about themselves.

Pick 3 activities like these, where each employee feels free to express themselves and really grow out of their shell, and wait for their answers. Including everyone in the decision making process is a real game changer !


Just like everything else in life, teambuilding should never be taken too seriously. If you stress too much on how important you think this is, you will only create pressure and social anxiety within the company.

‘HAVE FUN, YOU WILL !’ said the almighty Yoda-like boss. Of course, no one can enjoy the teambuilding activity if the subtext is a barely hidden invective to ‘have fun and bond ! Now !’.

Which brings us here :


Instead of crafting one BIG event a year that makes some very excited, but others with less social skills fidgety, why not organise different types of teambuilding activities throughout the year ? Some people on your team are not always at ease in large groups or big social gatherings.

A great way to boost your company teambuilding is through lunch ! Yes, food never disappoints ! Why not schedule a weekly, monthly, or quarterly team lunch ?

I would argue that you should have them as often as possible, but eh, you are the boss, after all ! Either way, lunches are a good ‘no pression’ activity that everyone enjoys. Sharing food brings any people closer together. Organising these kind of friendly and rather informal breaks will always be rewarding !

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