The ULTIMATE checklist, to bask in the sun and have peace of mind

The ULTIMATE checklist, to bask in the sun and have peace of mind

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It’s been months you’ve been waiting for this moment. You were counting the days; you were making little crosses on your calendar. This moment is holidays. But before heading for the beach and lazing around, while sipping fresh cocktails, it’ll be wise to make sure that everything is neat and orderly at your desk. This way, you can leave with some peace of mind, by making sure you won’t be receiving 40 calls from your boss, begging you to tell him or her, where he can find the supplier phone list. Moreover, you won’t come back from your holidays in a chaotic atmosphere. 

1. Implement an automatic response on your inbox. 

The idea is to let your interlocutors know that you’re on holidays and that you’ll respond to their mails when you get back, but mostly to make them feel frustrated, as much as possible because they’re stuck in the office with 40 degrees and no AC! Here’s the bare minimum you should include in your automatic response: 

  • Starting date of your holidays

  • Your date of return

  • People to call in case of an emergency (it’s always good to let these people know in advance, so that they’re not caught off guard with piles of files to handle, word to the wise). 

You can also enjoy adding a fun side to your automatic response, show some imagination! You can for example include the weather forecast of your holiday spot, to intensify the frustrating side for the person receiving the automatic response.

2. Be in sync with your colleagues 

Be in sync with your work colleagues on ongoing tasks, it never hurts and it’s a valid reason to organize a little meeting . Update your colleagues about ongoing projects, if someone needs to handle things in your absence, make sure they have all the information they need, files, and necessary applications for everything to run smoothly. Nothing worse than receiving a message at the airport 10 minutes before take-off, asking you for the payroll software’s password, while you had of course forgotten. « No, well, click on forgotten password, I’ll send you the code…I hate you”. 

3. Update your calendar

It shouldn’t happen that someone forgot you’re on holidays and (however, it’s been 4 months you’ve been repeating to those willing to listen, that you’re going to be in Maldives for 2 weeks), invites you unintentionally to a very important meeting, seeing your calendar free during this time slot. To avoid such misunderstandings, mention that you’ll be on holidays in your calendar. You must create an “Office Manager holidays” event and invite all your colleagues to this event, in one stroke: you make sure they’re all aware of this and show off as much as you can.  

4. Tidy your desk

You’ve already heard, tidy up this messy desk  to be more productive. But you should do so, before you go on holidays. Take the time to tidy your desk, so that you’re not perceived as the messy one, by your colleagues, when you’re away. Your colleagues will be grateful that you thought about their visual comfort.  Don’t forget to put away your coffee capsules, so that the clever ones, don’t use them. 

5. Finish everything you need to

The week before going on holidays, we often have the impression of already being on vacation. So, we don’t do much and take it easy. Big mistake. Drinking your fruity cocktail will be all the more pleasant, knowing that you won’t need to handle this file urgently when you get back, something which you can handle within two hours, the week before your holidays. Make the most of your peace of mind, before your holidays by knowing, that you’re finished with everything you need do. 

6. Switch off these bloody notifications

You respected the 5 previous points and now you’re ready with your flip-flops, passport in your pocket, ready to go off on holidays. Well, last thing, switch off the notifications of your phone. No need to be bothered by an email indicating that there is a fire drill next week, while you’re napping under a coconut tree.

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